(Repost) Hello (Again!)



(Originally from <the old site> – October 16, 2017)

Welcome to <the old site> here on WordPress!

For the moment, this is a temporary Blog Post. There is much more to come about Music and the Technology That Makes It.

Hard to believe that silly text above was almost seven years ago.

After the disaster that occurred with <the old site> it was time for a new start for a new year. QBurns was a big help putting all this together, and I would be remiss if I didn’t send big propers over in his direction. Pop over and show some love.

So here we are with a new site, new name, and the same old healthy snark-and-vinegar in regards to music, music tech, and the media that revolves around it.

I’ve got a lot to wrap my head around here – this is much more complicated than my old simple WP Blog, and I’ve been struggling around finding fonts and making sure logos happen where they should (which doesn’t seem to show up in previews so I’m sure I’ve messed something up already…) and finding the general lay of the land with this supercharged editing thingamadoodle. I keep editing this page because I’m actually kind of terrified to push the ‘Publish’ button because I have no idea what’s going to happen.

The old Blerg (hereafter forever referred to as <the old site>) is still up and running for the moment, and I intend to move good bit (well, the better bits) of the older content here. And that starts with the very first post. And a few new additions. Happy 2024 all!

Until next time…


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