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  • Welcome to SonicWasteland

    Welcome to SonicWasteland

    Image credit: “Yes, We Are Open” by Matthew Paul Argall is licensed under CC BY 2.0. After a long (and I mean long) weekend of seemingly endless design refreshes and struggles with figuring out the ‘New Shiny-Shiny’ of WordPress site design (both the ‘old skool’ method and the newest ‘Blocks’ mode), I finally have the new site ready…

  • (Repost) Hello (Again!)

    (Repost) Hello (Again!)



    (Originally from <the old site> – October 16, 2017) Welcome to <the old site> here on WordPress! For the moment, this is a temporary Blog Post. There is much more to come about Music and the Technology That Makes It. Hard to believe that silly text above was almost seven years ago. After the disaster…